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website design sandton
website design sandton
website design sandton
website design sandton
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SINCE 2017

Listed in the South African WEB DESIGN company directory.

Alternative Web Design and SEO Services. We don't just design a website with SEO Services set-up. Our team creates amazing Web Design and SEO service related products and transform your brand Digitally.

Digital Marketing

We create a digital strategy, develop and construct goal orientated content, ensuring you get sales through your website and feet through your door. 

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Your business, is our business.  We want to tell your story.  If we don’t like it, we won’t do it… for you or for us. Content is KING! 

Social Media Marketing

Web Design

Our design process is very much consultative and we encourage our clients to be part of the creative process.  We focus on different types of industries. 

website design sandton services - Alternative Media SA.
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It is said, that when you leave the room, your brand should speak for itself.  Building a brand that your client can trust, is our mission. 

Corporate Identity

We are certified2

For your Web Design, SEO and Digital Marketing Services!

Scroll over each image to see more information about our latest certifications and awards for our Web Design and SEO Services. We’ve put ourselves to the test, because you deserve the best. Cliché…? We know. Relevant…? No doubt!

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Web Design and SEO Services

First impressions last. Subconsciously, we all have looked at a website to possibly make use of the service or product offered.  Then, a page doesn’t load.  Or we can’t find the contact details. We don’t like what we see, or we just don’t find the brand or company CI “attractive”. Alternative Media don’t just design websites, we create the face of your brand and business.  The first look at what your clients can expect. A nice website is one thing. But an interactive website is more in demand.  There are important key elements to each website that needs to be in place. Our team tick all the boxes.

E-commerce and Online Sales Specialists

It’s easier than ever to sell online! Have a product that you need to get to market? A business that requires a network, and you supply the training information? Everything can be sold online, tangible or virtual. Integration with courier companies, with social media platforms for marketing and secure online payment gateways.  Bookings for your events or hotel… the list goes on.  An online store or “storefront” website (also known as e-commerce websites), are in high demand. There are key fundamentals to follow when you take your brand and product online.  Alternative Media has the skills and certification.

Hosting and Domain Registration

The first and most probably the most import part of kicking off your business.  Our independently managed and dedicated server, hosts our clients. It provides our clients with the IT assistance required, the e-mail registration and setup, as well as the maintenance on the domains.  Alternative Media’s domain registration service, is very competitive in the market and, if you’d like, you can have access to all your back-end assets. Stay on top of your business, product or brand.  No stone is left unturned with our online security ensuring your peace of mind. Security Certificates and anti-spam included.

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AM 2020 social media management

Social Media Advertising and Management

Need to get more sales?  Have your social pages in place (or not) and ready to get your service and product out?  With our FACEBOOK™ and GOOGLE™certification, means you reap the rewards of the overwhelming world of Social Media for your service and product. We target, sell, manage and engage, listen, respond and create strategies with a plan and timeline to ensure the desired ROI is achieved.

Content Creation and Marketing

It is a cliche, but indeed true.  CONTENT is KING. We specialise in video marketing, content marketing,  content creation and production for content, inline with your strategy, brand CI and brand voice. Our aim is to ensure that your content is entertaining, educative and convincing to the consumer or business that your market to. In turn achieve great results, brand expansion, development and maximising your digital footprint.

Social Media Management (Community Management)

Remember the days when FACEBOOK™ would ask: “What’s on your mind”?  Our experience and  skills, has taught us to look at our clients’ target market and rather ask – “what is on their minds”.  It’s important to “give the client what they want”.  Therefore to build a community around your brand, product and service is key in achieving the desired results. We ensure engaging and interactive management on social media platforms.

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Google and Paid Advertising (PPC)

As Google Certified professionals, we’ve gone through the tests, the trials and tribulations, to ensure an effective campaign. Wasting money on the incorrect targeting is unnecessary! You need a specialist that focus on the correct targeting.  Therefore we make sure that we spend the correct amount on relevant campaigns, services and products. A targeted approach with a very effective strategy, is our forte!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It’s no secret that competition is cut-throat. There are probably 20 other businesses in approximately 30KM radius, that does what you do.  What makes you stand out is that we have the necessary skills and experience, the insights and the drive, to make sure that you stand out from your competitors on search engines.

E-Mail Marketing (Mailchimp & Other)

Spam is a “no-go”! Yet, e-mail marketing is one of the top 3 effective targeted approaches, to increase sales and expand your digital footprint.  Our aim is to make your clients aware of your specials, your best offers, and why they should make use of your services and products, without the element of spam!

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Logo, Business Card, Stationery Design

It speaks for itself!  Brand uniformity and standardisation is important. A fundamental aspect to your brand, business, service and product. It’s not just a logo design, stationery and a cool picture to go with that. We strategise, explore and look at how the 3 different samples we provide, will make you and your clients feel. The first step to attracting a great clientele!

Branding, Printing and Brand Development

The best branding options for your business?  What will make you stand out of the crowd?  It’s not called the “x-factor” for nothing. Through our market research and phases of brand development and exposure – we ensure that the branding and printing requirements and quality is on-par.  A GREAT design inspires people to want to learn more…

Brand Standardization and Elevation

BMW™, Mercedes-Benz™, TOYOTA™, Land Rover™… all has one logo, but many products. All of which have different features and different colours.  Different styles and different capabilities.  One thing remains throughout. Their BRAND STANDARDIZATION and what it represents: Trust. Loyalty. Experience. Service. Safety… and much more. See the importance? We do!

...for your Web Design and SEO Services project!

Web Design and SEO services. Ranging from Web Design in JHB, to Website Design in South Africa. Professional Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing experts, to Google Ad professionals. Professional and Certified Marketing Companies in South Africa and Marketing Agencies in the world, are in high demand for good reason. Though be careful for the “cheap” and quick resolvers. Client service and satisfaction is one of our top values. We’re not perfect, but we are perfect for you. The smallest design can make the biggest impact. We’ve tried, we’ve tested, we’ve endured… we’ve succeeded. 

So why not get in touch?

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Web Design and SEO Services, Website Designer, Digital Marketing Company, Web Design and SEO Services, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Company, Communications and Digital Transformation in Johannesburg, the greater Gauteng and South-Africa.

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Web Design, SEO and Marketing Specialist

The fundamentals of marketing and online advertising are extensive. It requires particular and sophisticated attention. Alternative Media tick all the boxes when it comes to Digital Transformation and Design.  We levelled up, so you can be a cut above the rest.

Marketing is important for any business, so is a monthly budget. If your website
budget or monthly marketing budget is below R3200 per project or per month for
your social media management and marketing efforts, we will not be able to assist
at this time.