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The ALTERNATIVE to your social media managing, social media marketing, community management, content creation, targeted communications and targeted below the line marketing requirements.

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg anymore for scaling and growing your business… You have the face of your brand – your website… Now it’s time to let everyone know about your product/services! Your product. Your service. You simply have to make sure that you partner with an agency / social media marketing agency that caters for your needs. That understands your brand. Your vision. Your desired outcome. Your dream.

We don’t just design pretty looking pictures and images. We don’t just slap templates together… we create an experience. For you and your clients. We take a consultative approach with all our clients across South Africa, and abroad, for unique, out-of-the-box, goal orientated, strategically planned, results driven outcomes. 

A trendsetting elevation and digital transformation of your brand.

That’s why we, are the Alternative!

Social Media Management

We analyse your audience and insights and create the perfect online strategy for your unique product or service and monitor your online presence across the applicable platforms.

Social Media Content Design

We aim to communicate your product and service in the best way possible, with the best design possible. Our team is skilled in creative writing, graphic design, and the technical requirements of front-end development.

Social Media Engagement

We engage and we measure all the comments, likes, and shares of your page. Of course you want to rack up your followers, but ultimately, the greatest measure of social media success is an engaged audience, not just a big one.

“Not marketing your service, product or unique selling proposition online, either via social media management  or digital marketing, is like opening a coffee shop and not telling anyone about it… Get in touch with one of our experts about your social media marketing, digital marketing and online marketing needs. We are the alternative to your online and social media marketing needs” – Juan Martin, Head of Digital, Alternative Media.

DIGITAL MARKETING Services and solutions

We don’t want to bore you with more and more reading material. However, content is KING… and you’ll find that with your social media platforms, the placement of your content and services, will determine the business you receive from your social media audience and following… now that you’re here… take a look at our services and how we can assist with elevating yours!

Social Media

It's here, and it's going to stay. Now let us help you optimise on all the benefits of the wonderful world of Social Media!



Above the line, through the line and below the line. Online, digital and in some cases, even virtual! Starting a business and not marketing online, is like opening a coffee shop and not telling anyone about it...



This is the reason. The goal. Why we aim to elevate your brand in so that your audience, becomes followers, and your followers becomes clients. With our consultative approach, our goal is to make you money. Because if you don't make money, then we fail at our unique selling proposition.


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