Website Maintenance

Monthly Website Maintenance.


Why you need the No. 1 Website Maintenance service and see what it includes!

1. What is Website Maintenance?

Back in 1998 – Google started taking the world by storm. We were all scared about the “interweb” and what can be seen/accessed and how it will affect us. No-one wanted to be part of the new “world wide web” – fast track to 2021 and EVERYONE wants to be on Google!

There are several objectives that needs to be taken into account when designing a website. These objectives may be for selling, branding or information purposes etc. However your website should not be affected due to poor performance or loading times. Website maintenance is crucial, to your online presence and to keep your online presence a cut above the rest.

Website maintenance, is very much like lighting a fire. When you light a fire, the flames only lasts as long as the wood you feed it with. Keeping the fire alive, you need to consistently place wood on the fire…

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

2. The same with your website maintenance.

What happens when it suddenly crashes, or the lead generation forms don’t work? Slow response or loading times? A few extra seconds may lead to loss of visitors or potential clients. Thus every website needs maintenance and should be updated, maintained and secured at all times.

  1. The Tortoise and the Hare

Legend says that the Tortoise defeated the Hare in a race, as the Hare took a nap next to the road. In addition, the Tortoise being the slowest between the two, took it to the finish line first, with consistency.

The Hare, took its time taking a nap, resting and not keeping up. We’re not saying that your website maintenance and upkeep should be the speed of a tortoise. We are saying that you may have a brilliant, fast loading, mobile optimised website. However because of no maintenance and no upkeep your website will take second place (or maybe even crash completely). Like the Hare not keeping up with the race.

  1. Protection against virus threats.

It is vital, especially for e-commerce and corporate websites, to maintain the security on their websites. Especially because of the traffic. Alongside the recent changes in South Africa with regards to the protection of personal information (POPIA) and elsewhere, it’s every website owners responsibility and obligation to protect personal information. Does your website designer/website developer maintain your website and see to the security upkeep?

5. Our website maintenance includes:

Weekly/monthly service, updates, and content amendments.

Updates to your website, with specials, recent posts, and latest news.

SEO keyword basic set-up.

Management of Google My Business – posts and reviews.

A monthly blog about your services/scope and/or products.

Review of all internal and external links, disqualifying possible 404 errors.

Reviewing of forms, lead generation forms and check out processes.

Software updates, as and when required.

Weekly/monthly back-up of website files and content.

Revision of key metrics monthly.

Integration of all Google Services – including Google My Business, Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Updating of products/prices etc. on e-commerce website and e-commerce websites.

Updating of relevant/key information in your industry/town/country as well as global news.

Quarterly review of content and fresh images, relevant to the content of the website.

Digital and content marketing audits.

Monthly reports provided:

  • Performance of the website (analytics)
  • Time report (Time spent of website maintenance)

Weekly and monthly support.

Hosting of domain and email with support.

BONUS: 12-Month website maintenance contract, provides you with a 70% discount on a new and fresh website re-design/revamp after 12 months!

24 Hour Support… with a smile!